The Most Common Face-cleansing Mistakes

Contemporary women are seeking efficient products to take care of the delicate skin on their face. Our skin undergoes stress and pollution on a daily basis. So, high-quality cleansing products are compulsory for our beauty routine. Not only do they remove dirt and make-up but they also nurture the skin and prepare it for the rest of the steps of the evening routine. These actions are all crucial to for smooth and clear skin. Therefore, we should pick the cleansing products as carefully as possible and always bear in mind our own skin type. And since we believe in the natural approach to any situation, we suggest that we should have a chat about cleaning as it is the first step to naturally pretty skin.

Skin crimes we have all committed

Let us begin by setting out some basic rules here. The easiest way to do something properly is to be aware of the things you should not do. Thus, you would be able to figure the rest by exploring the needs of your own skin to find out what works best for you. In spite of the individual approach we continuously promote, there are a few common mistakes, which could ruin all of your skincare endeavors by literally cancelling their effect. Let us start at the very beginning:

Not washing your hands first

his is non-negotiable. Whatever you do to your face, you need to clean your hands right before you do it. Germs are everywhere and the last place you want them is your face. Bear in mind that your face is far more susceptible to irritation and inflammation than the skin on your body. So, having washed your hands just 5 minutes ago simply doesn’t mean a thing. Another mistake is to try to wash your face and your hands at the same time. The lather is brimming with germs from your palms that you are once again putting directly on your cheeks. So, wash your hands thoroughly and rinse them well before you start with your face.

Using hand soap on your face

Now, as we have already mentioned, the skin on your face differs significantly from the skin on your hands. So, there is no reason to use the same products on both. Regular soap is good for your palms and fingers because it is powerful enough to deal with bacteria. Yet, it is just not suitable for your face. The reason is that its pH is too high for the skin on your face. The pH has to be high in order to keep the bar from disintegrating. However, it would severely dehydrate your skin and remove the protective oils, which would leave you highly susceptible to damage and irritation. You can find plenty of affordable face cleansers and pick one that suits you best.


This one is dedicated to the victims of oily skin. We do know the struggle. We also know that washing your face as often as possible would hardly rid you of this problem. If your skin is oily, chances are you are already using an oily-skin wash. Yet, this is not enough to keep the shine under proper control. So, if you leave it to your cleanser to put you out of the shine misery, repetition is not going to take you anywhere. Why is that, you might ask. For starters, these products are meant to remove excess oil. However, your skin still needs some of it for self-defense, so it is desperately trying to produce more sebum. Therefore, when you wash too often, your skin is struggling to keep up and thus overcompensating. As a result, your skin is even shinier. In a nutshell, overcleansing is a vicious cycle. Instead, you should introduce other oil-control products and take care of oily skin the proper way.

Make-up residue

This is one of the reasons we do not recommend using regular soap on your face. Truth is, as harsh as it might be on the skin, it is also not enough to remove everything that does not belong on your face at bedtime. Your skin might feel clean and fresh right after a quick lather-up. Yet, make-up is actually made to stay and it does. Therefore, just as soap is meant to deal with bacteria, facial cleansers are designed to lift up make-up. They are a specific solution to a specific issue. Try wiping your face with a cotton swab soaked in micellar water. If you notice any make-up residue, your current cleansing routine needs an update. You should pay special attention to foundation removal. Any eye make-up traces are easy to spot, however, residue of foundation and its buddies might not be that hard to miss. So don’t stop until you have made sure you have removed it all.

Rubbing and scrubbing

After you have washed and rinsed the face, it is time to dry it. Now this might seem too trivial a matter to discuss. However, in our experience, many people commit genuine atrocities at this very point. Everything you do to your face you need to do gently. This means no vigorous rubbing with the towel and preferably no rubbing at all. Instead simply dab lightly. Also, remember to change the towel regularly. It might look perfectly clean to you but it is a humid environment, which welcomes all kinds of germs. Alter all, you have just cleaned your skin, why would you want to risk reapplying dirt onto it? Another version of this issue is skipping the towel entirely, which is not a good idea either. In this case, your skin is already dried by the cleanser. Leaving the water to evaporate on its own would cause even greater dehydration and you do not want that. So, you should really seek a balanced approach of soaking up the splash without being too meticulous about it. Indeed, many people prefer applying their cream on slightly damp skin to boost up its hydrating qualities. This actually brings us to the next common mistake on the list.

Skipping the moisturizer

As important as cleansing is, it is definitely not enough. Removing dirt, oil and make-up is crucial to beautiful skin. However, cleaning products also bare your skin of some of its protective abilities. Moreover, they might dry it excessively. Thus, you need to soothe any tight and pulling sensations. Even if you have somehow got used to such an uncomfortable feel, this is far from normal. What you need to do is to apply a suitable moisturizing product, which would soothe any taut areas and prevent further irritation. Also, moisturizing is what keeps wrinkles away. In the morning, it prepares the skin for make-up application and puts up a barrier between the skin and the pollutants, giving you a distinctive radiance. In the evening, it revitalizes the face, so you wake up fresh and glowing.

Proper cleansing

There is an impressive range of cosmetics, whose natural ingredients would easily change your perception of cleansing. You can start by picking a product that matches your skin type. Do not forget that you need to be looking for specific indications that the cleanser (and this generally goes for any product) is suitable for you. We all want glowing skin but if the cleanser is designed for dry skin and yours is oily, you should definitely hold it right there and move on to something more appropriate. Similarly, imperfections might be aggravated by stronger products, so in this case, you should go for something milder. Always be aware of the needs of your skin and pay close attention to its condition in any specific moment. This would help you establish a healthy routine and cleansing is a significant part of it.

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