How to Deal with Dry and Damaged Hair

There are endless causes of hair damage and just as many products that promise to deal with it. From dying gone wrong to unhealthy styling practices, there are too many ways to ruin your precious hair. Whatever the reason you are searching for help, we have always advocated a complex approach. It is very rare that you find a single remedy to reverse the harmful effect of unsuccessful cosmetic endeavours. Moreover, there are some people whose hair is simply prone to damage. These are usually the owners of naturally dry hair, which constantly needs more nutrients and no moisturiser is ever enough. In this article, we would like to give you the stepping stones to hair recovery. Actually, these are universal techniques, which should always be observed in order to avoid the particular damage you might need them for.

Use proper shampoo

Let us put it this way: care works in cycles, restarting at each wash. You use a certain shampoo, rinse it off and continue to apply а barrage of other products in a desperate attempt to restore your hair. Yet, your hairstyle never seems to last as long as you’d like and it is simply not enough. You really need to check with the shampoo you are currently using. If your hair is fine and weak, rich shampoos, which contain some oils, could prove too heavy. In this case, your hair would get dirty sooner than expected, prompting you to wash it more often. Washing, however, would only yield the same results. So, if your hair is damaged but also thin, you might want to hold the famous restoring shampoos and leave repair to later steps of your routine.

Don’t skip the mask

Whether you prefer masks, conditioners or leave-in serums, as long as you are using any one of those, you are good. It is very common for people to go for a high-quality shampoo and expect miracles. Indeed, shampoo choice is significant. However, when you think of it, this is a product that is designed to remove certain pollutants from your hair. It is not really supposed to leave something behind in terms of care. This is why you need masks and conditioners. These products are developed to target specific problems, among which damage is the main one. They provide intensive treatment, which only needs a limited amount of time to do its job. If your argument against proper conditioning is that you are always in a hurry, you can simply reconsider your routine, washing your hair, applying the mask, showering and finally rinsing it off. This way you don’t need to waste the 30-minute period recommended on the package and you will still be doing the right thing for your hair. And, of course, you can also go for a leave-in product, which would be completely hassle-free.

Use heat protection

We have been wondering why so many would just skip heat protection. Most of them would only go for heat styling occasionally but there are also some who tend to straighten or curl their hair regularly or even on a daily basis. My guess is that they see no particular effect of using such products. If that is the case with you, let me get this straight right this instant. The point of applying heat protection is rather that you do not see the effect of 200° on your hair. More and more of these products are refined and developed now to deliver a wider range of care properties. But even if you go for a basic heat protection spray, it would at least keep your hairstyle intact far longer because it literally conditions the hair to undergo styling and retain the shape you have given it.

Careful with dyes

We have all heard that dying is bad for your hair and whatever products you use, it will never be as good as using none at all. This is not necessarily true. Dying can actually be good for some hair types, giving a distinct lustrous glamour that nothing else can bring. This, however, does not mean we can afford an arbitrary approach to hair colour products. The procedure itself always involves a certain level of damage that we should invariably try to reduce. Therefore, sticking to high-quality dyes is always a good idea. We strongly recommend conducting a thorough research before using a brand you have never heard before. After all, it says ‘permanent hair colour’, which sounds serious enough. This means you will have to live with the results and you need to act accordingly.

Protect your hair from humidity

This one is a must. Especially if you live in a region of high humidity, you need to fend it off by applying proper products. Basically, you need something to keep your hair’s moisture on the inside and protect it from the humidity in the atmosphere from the outside because they are not the same thing. Humid air causes frizz, which is disastrous to curly hair but it’s not a picnic for straight hair either. What happens on a molecular level is that your hair literally absorbs water molecules from the air to form hydrogen bonds. This is when your hairstyle becomes perfectly unmanageable. This is the reason you should really try to keep it out. Most heat protection products also work as humidity shields. So, you might want to pick one even if you don’t normally subject your hair to heat styling.

Visit the hairdresser’s

You want long and luscious hair and you want it as soon as possible. We hear you. But if your hair is damaged, it simply cannot grow any faster. Moreover, weak hair is prone to hair loss and, believe me, you don’t want to go down that road. Even if it grows in length, sparse and flat hair is not the lesser evil. Split ends and breaking are not something you can deal with. Rather, you need to unburden your hair and redirect nutrients to zones you can actually fix. We promise you will get those 5 cm back but in a healthier and more manageable version. Finally, your hairdresser will be able to recommend the most suitable therapy for your case and professional opinion is sometimes what we really need.

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