Benefits of rose oil

Rose Oil Benefits: How to Use It and Why

The growing popularity of rose oil has prompted the introduction of lots of new cosmetic products. Given that Bulgaria is the largest producer and exporter of rose oil, this ingredient is well-known to customers there. For the rest of Europe, however, rose oil had been a selective ingredient with a luxurious status. It only used to be featured by the fanciest brands, which significantly restricted its use by the average customer. Fortunately, the tide has turned. You can now find a huge variety of rose oil cosmetics to pick from. Together with its availability on the market, there is also a greater awareness of its benefits. This is what we’d like to discuss today to give you a better understanding of what it can do for your skin and hair.

Rose Oil for Your Skin

Rose oil is most famous for its effect in skincare. However, it is so often that we hear that something is good for your skin without any further clarification that one is starting to doubt any recommendation that has been so graciously bestowed upon them. So, what we want to do here is to explain what you are supposed to do with rose oil in order for it to do what it is supposed to. We are going to start by talking about face care and then move on to hair..

Is it suitable for my face?

Rose oil for oily skin

Let us start by pointing out that rose oil is suitable for all skin types. Indeed, it is essentially an oil. Yet, this does not mean that it would make your skin shiny or oilier. If your skin produces excessive amounts of sebum, rose oil is here to keep that under control. Most times, if your skin is well hydrated, it would be less oily. Sometimes, sebum is secreted to overcompensate dehydration. So, in this case, you need an ingredient that moisturises but that is also quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving no visible trace. Your face will soak up the rose extract immediately and you will get a fresher and healthier complexion. Moreover, if you give your oily skin what it needs to reduce sebum, you will also need fewer products to manage shine. And in case your skin is also prone to acne, check out our article on teen skin care .

Extremely sensitive skin

Rose oil is actually one of the few products that work wonders for sensitive skin. This is due to its soothing properties that will alleviate discomfort. If your skin is already irritated, you can apply a product that contains rose oil to reduce redness faster. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory effect helps with swelling and pimples, also alleviating that dreaded burning itchiness. Rose oil has wonderful softening properties. This makes it good for atopic skin because it smooths dry patches and gives an even skin tone. If you apply a rose oil product regularly, you will get a fresher look and reduce acne and inflammation scarring.

What products should I get?

Rose oil face cream

Creams are basic face care products. You can find a suitable cream for literally any skin type and condition. Even if you have no specific issues to target, using a face cream is still an essential part of your beauty routine. Get a milder cream for younger or oilier skin that would not be too heavy for your needs. Alternatively, if you have dry or even peeling patches, you should definitely go for a rich nourishing texture. It would smooth out any coarse marks and enhance your skin’s regenerative abilities.

 Anti-age serum

Rose oil’s most prominent characteristics are related to its anti-age effect. Here, we strongly recommend the face serums that would give you a distinctively youthful look. Serums usually provide UV protection, which fights photoaging. They are highly concentrated for quick results. Furthermore, not only would they protect you against newly formed imperfections but they would also smooth out preexisting wrinkles. This is great for people who have been skipping their anti-age treatment for some time now and need a product to compensate what they have missed.

Rose Oil for Your Hair

Rose oil shampoo

Most people tend to associate rose oil exclusively with skin care. If you are one of those people, you are missing out on lots of benefits. As we have already established, the natural rose extract has outstanding hydrating qualities. This works just as well for your hair as it does for your face. Rose oil in shampoos is also good for the scalp. Its anti-irritation effect makes it perfect for your sensitive scalp, preventing scaling and itchiness. Rose oil shampoos have light formulas, which works well for fine hair. They combine excellent hydration with a non-oily texture for marvelous volume and freshness. Furthermore, most of these products combine the rose extract with other nourishing ingredients. Among those is Bulgarian yogurt, used to target hair loss because of its strengthening properties. 

Hair masks and conditioners

As we know, products work best when we combine them properly. So, we should always be on the lookout for complementing ingredients. Picking a nice shampoo is a great idea but finishing off your shower routine with a suitable rose oil mask would enhance the effect manifold. It is good for weak or dyed hair because the natural rose extract helps restore structural damage and smooths out the surface of each hair. This amplifies you hair’s natural abilities to protect itself from further harm. Conditioners are also a good option. They work fast and their effect is visible immediately. Rose oil facilitates brushing and prevents breaking and tearing. You can even go for leave-in conditioner for a more intensive treatment Moreover, you can find plenty of products for dyed hair, which protect and enhance the colour. Whatever your hair needs, rose oil has it all. You can see that rose oil is an effective ingredient that you can find in various forms and products. You don’t really need to buy it in liquid form and apply it directly on your skin or hair. The easiest way is to go for products which contain natural rose extracts. Thus, you can keep up your beauty routine and add an ingredient without introducing another step. High-quality rose oil cosmetics are now widely available and developed for different skin and hair types. So, you can pick the products that meet all your requirements and work best for your needs. Stay tuned for more tips on rose oil cosmetics that we are eager to share with you.

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